Kendo students during practice - one student strikes another's do with his shinai.

Photo © Jerry Chen

THE SANTA BARBARA KENDO DOJO. We are a small dojo dedicated to teaching the Busen-style kendo of our beloved late sensei, Mikio Hattanda (7-dan). Tradition and practice are essentials here.

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Image of kendo dojo from pre-war Japan - kendo student in jodan no kamai position.

A RICH HISTORY. Born from kenjutsu and steeped in tradition, kendo today is the most popular martial arts discipline in Japan and is gaining popularity in the rest of the world.

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Image of kendo student tying his men.

Photo © Jerry Chen

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Image of femal kendo student.

Photo © Jerry Chen

The Gallery.


We love photography! Photos by dojo members Jerry Chen (1-kyu) and Tyson Blades (2-dan).


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